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Byron, its time to re-assess

Published: November 3, 2009

We all knew that with all the new parts to the team, some coming late in the off-season, that it was going to take some time for this team to gel. But I don’t think anyone predicted the spanking we got from the 0-3 Knicks.

post game quotes from Chris Paul:

“When we talk right now, me, coach [Byron Scott] and [general manager] Jeff Bower, it’s all about what can we do with the guys we have,” Paul said. “I mean, we have guys that are capable of doing anything anyone else does in this league. We’ve just got to find it.

“Every team has an identity, a style of play they have. We have to find out if we’re going to be a fast team, are we going to be a slow-down team, are we going to run a set every time? We just have to find out what our identity is.” -courtesy ESPN Daily Dime.

That blame has to fall squarely in Byron Scott’s lap. He is the head coach. He needs to make an objective determination of his team’s strengths and weaknesses and then devise plans that maximize his strengths and minimizes his weaknesses. He doesn’t seem to be doing that very well. To hear him talk about why he plays Devin Brown (“he has the basketball IQ”) when he clearly doesnt have the talent pushes to the fore that Byron simply isn’t looking at his problems rationally.

I dont want Byron to go. I want Byron to learn from his mistakes and improve, just as he would expect his players to do the same.


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