Players I’d like to see the Hornets Draft

Published: May 6, 2009

In particular preference

We only have one 1st round pick this year to my knowledge.

Biggest Needs- PF/C, backup PG

1A. Tyler Hansborough- I know his ceiling isn’t ridiculously high but the man is all hustle and plays hard every night. He is basketball savvy (have to know the game somewhat to be #1 all time ACC scorer without being superior athletic wise.) Tell me Chris Paul and James Posey wouldn’t take a guy like this under their wings and try to make him better. I’d foresee ZERO attitude problems with this pick. Would be a good pick and pop combo with CP3.

1B. DeJaun Blair- The man was a beast this year in the tourney. Takes care of the ball exceptionally well for the amount of touches he gets. Good size weight wise on him but is fairly short to be playing the PF position. Jumper could use a little polishing but it would be nice to have a force on the offensive and defensive boards and a decent low post presence on O. Does make up for the height disadvantages with his long arms though. If we don’t pick Hansborough, I would be quite happy to end up with this gentleman instead. Maybe he still has an inch or two of growth in him. Hear nothing but good things about this man’s attitude also.

2. Ty Lawson- Unlikely pick now with the performance he put up in the tourney. Was a decent possibility before March. Great leader. Can score on his own and run a team. Would be an excellent backup PG with Paul and could easily see him earning some backup SG minutes as well aka Daniels this year. Takes care of the ball and doesn’t take alot of moronic shots. If he’s there it would be difficult to pass him up, I just don’t see him getting there so he’s at number 2. Would be Jannero Pargo without the 39% shooting. Instant offense off the bench for himself and his teammates.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that one of these 3 will fall to us at #21. I don’t really see any other players that jump out as instant contributers to our team. I would be extremely happy with any of them.

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