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5 Most and Least Favorite Players in the NBA

Published: May 3, 2009

List may be biased considering the 09 Playoffs.

Let’s start with the least favorite players:

1) Rajon Rondo- This may be a little cliche considering the nonsense he’s gone through in the first round but I have NEVER disliked watching someone in such a high profile situation so much. He barely got touched by Miller and laid on the floor for 5mins like it was a big deal in a game 7 because he thought he needed to showcase his getting bullied too when no such thing occured. The man is a little punk. Oh yeah, his defense on Derrick Rose pissed me off all series long. He was allowed to reach in almost every possession with no call.

2) Bruce Bowen- Will always hate this man for the obvious reasons. Was the main instigator of the “I’m gonna be so physical the refs are going to get over it” trend. Dirty with possible alegations of intentionally injuring stars.

3) Dahntay Jones and the rest of the Denver Nuggets (but particularly Mr Jones)- I’m sorry but the way they acted all series long was so classless. I’ve never seen a team in 16 years celebrate every little bitty thing and flaunt it in the opponents face. They are easily my most hated West Conf team (sorry Lakers and Spurs). Oh, let’s not forget the fact they whined after every call in every game even though it was pretty obvious for the first 2 things were easily going their way.

4) Tony Parker- Can’t explain this one. For some reason I just feel like we should send Ryan Bowen to punch him in the face.

5) Shaq (and I say this hoping I see him next to CP3 next year)- He’s a hypocrit though and an attention-*****. His allegations of bigmen getting treated unfairly are the most obnoxious comments I had heard in quite some time. Shaq was officiated more biasedly than any other person I have ever watched in professional basketball. He threw his elbows and weight around like it was the thing to do and never got called for it, ever. Ever. Ever. Any other player that acted in the manner he did would get fouled out in 10mins.


1) CHRIS PAUL- The man is unbelievable. His defense is vastly underrated and he is way stronger than people give him credit for. An excellent person and a great leader for a basketball team. I’ve never enjoyed watching a single person play basketball so much in my life.

2) LeBron- I’ll get flamed for this one but Lebron is one of a kind when it comes to basketball entertainment. The man can dunk from 12 feet away with a hand behind his head.

3) Ray Allen- Good for him for reinventing himself in the first round of the playoffs. The type of player every star hopes they can be 12-13 years down the line. Very basketball sauvy and works very very hard to keep his game in the upper eschelon. Also seems like a very nice guy. Granted, public appearance is just that, public appearance.

4) Kobe- Again, incoming flames. He ranks so low on this list now because of the fact that he has become less of a ballhog. But let’s face it, Kobe as a ballhog was the greatest ballhog we’ve seen in quite some time. Dropping 30 in a quarter on a bummed surgically repaired knee? This man is simply amazing when he is in his zone and quite frankly, you can’t help but be in awe and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it when he is.

5) James Posey- I know people don’t agree with his play at times this year, but his attitude on the court just makes me enjoy the game that much more. I remember a hard foul in game 5, BGJ sits up, rubs his hands together and gives us that big smile even though he’s obviously limping a little. I have seen very few people who thoroughly enjoy playing the game of basketball, especially the gritty and hard work method he uses. I only pray he’s a Hornet next year and it seems Byron Scott recognizes some of the intangibles and tangibles he bring to the court. He is the epitomy of a team player.

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