Published: April 28, 2009

…that my first foray and entry on this site has to be after that debacle last night, but I guess if you want to look at it another way I just wanted to be around fellow sufferers…LOL! 

As the game was just about out of control (the score was 29-11 according to my last look on ESPN), I got home from work to discover that my DirecTV box just up and decided to stop working.   In retrospect, that was probably for the best because knowing me, I would’ve watched every pathetic minute of the game.  I feel bad for CP3 in that until the team redeems itself, any mention of him being elite is going to be cross-referenced to this game (if you don’t believe me, go check out the ESPN comments section for this game).  I’ve been saying since pretty much after the All-Star game that D-West sucked on the defensive side, but to compound that with misplacing his shot at the worst possible time is just too much to overcome.  Peja, Peja, Peja…talk about a misplaced shot!!  I also thought that Antonio Daniels was a good pickup, but as the season progressed he rightfully took his place as the captain of the WORST bench in the league! 

I know that the boys will redeem themselves in Game 5…they have to!  But I’m with CP3 on this one…yes, it’s damned embarassing, but it’s only one loss.  I just hope that when the season does end, management makes some good moves to help the little guy out!


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