Dispelling The Phantom

I went to the broadcast of Hornets Sportsline last night, as I do every Thursday night. Last night, Gerry V’s guest was James Posey.

As you may remember from a previous post, James is the only member of the current roster I have been unable to shoot when the opportunity presented itself. He has been a photographic conundrum wrapped in an enigma for me. So, I had to try and capture him on camera JUST TO PROVE IT COULD BE DONE!!

It can 🙂

I was joined by Ticktock6 of hornetshype.com, who simply could not be kept away from Hooters, er, Posey. Storytelling of the evening (and more pics) here.

So I say to you now and forever more, JAMES POSEY IS NOT A PHANTOM! 🙂

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