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Published: January 29, 2009

Not so far ago in a galaxy not so far away… Ok seriously it’s not that kind of a story, but anyone who was abroad for a while or just lives outside of the USA knows how hard it is to live without the Live Nba Games.

I was one of those people for many years. It started in 1993 thanks to a Polish TVP2 television which was broadcasting nba games, at first I wasn’t into it much because of my age but a year or two later a second station picked up Nba. What years those have been, I was wainting until 3am of Polish time to watch the best basketball players go at it on the floor and I still remember a Hornets vs. Bulls game when they couldn’t get a connection and I waisted all night watching Heat vs. Lakers or something. And those memorable Hornets vs. Hawks series with great play from both Glen Rice and Steve Smith, oh the beautiful years, I still have that on VHS tapes somewhere hidden.

After a few years the TVN station decided that it wasn’t affordable for them to still have nba which was devastating especially remembering those days in the internet when we watched grainy 12 seconds highlights on a 56k modem. Who would’ve expected back then that we would be able to watch the games online.

It was a few years when Torrents became popular, but not popular enough to have a lot of Hornets games. It was a huge struggle watching the team only in short highlights or the ocassional 1-2 games a month and even then nothing was 100% sure. Torrents were and are great but during that time I was hoping that some Hornets fan would finally start capping them and uploading so the rest of the unfortunate world would get some of that Hornet action.

Last three seasone were a blessing to me in Hornets basketball, first the nba made a mistake and somehow didn’t block my free LP account and I was able to watch all of the Hornets games for free and that was a great time, I saw 60 games that year. Last season was even better, once again great THANK YOU to Mactac who was so kind that he actually installed Slingbox and streamed all of the games for me, that year I saw 70 games and it was a great thing.

You probably think “where is this dude going with this story” well the conclusion is actually a happy ending, so stay tuned.

For the beggining of the season there was a free broadband test on the internet and everyone all over the world was able to see it, well some countries were out and unfortunately if it’s Visas to USA or getting a green card the same thing went with LP broadand, it was out of limits for my country. We emailed the nba without an answer.

So once again we started thinking about the possibilities, so that one of my friends actually bought the account as a German and then we had to restart firefox a couple of times and  then it would work for 5-7 minutes before you had to restart everything. It was insane but due to small amount of Hornets Torrents that was a must so we worked with it.

And finally after 3 months the nba emailed us saying that they would like to thank us for contacting (we sent a lot of emails) but nothing more. So we suspected that it was just a “machine mail” sent to everyone.

And finally this monday it became clear that my country has been added to the list of countries that have broadband so finally after years of fighting and struggling to watch my favorite team play live I am now sitting here at 2am during a cold polish winter waiting excited for my Hornets to play!

So for all you international Hornets fans, head to and check out the offer they have for you. By paying just 50$ by credit card or paypal you will be able to watch the New Orleans Hornets and any other nba team play day in and day out until the end of the season (including the All-Star Weekend). For me personally this is a great deal and I already taken advantage of this possibility.

Remember that if your country is blocked you and as many of your friends as possible have to show the nba that there is a fanbase in your country that needs the NBA! No more illegal streaming and problems with millions of people being in the same “room” watching the game making it go super slow, Broadband has a great quality and speed. Sign up today!

Geaux Hornets!

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