Who’s on your all-star team? January Edition

Published: January 9, 2009

I’m back with the January version of all-star selections here at the 247. Same rules as back in December, but now we’ve got a little more to go on as far as player production. Again, this is strictly opinion-based, and has nothing to do with actual the All-Star Voting. I’m a Hornets fan through and through, but I will be brutally objective on my list. Feel free to offer your comments on who you would like to see start/play in the All-Star game.

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes, shall we?

Eastern Conference Starters:

F: Lebron James, CLE (Love him or hate him, there is nobody better in the league right now at the SF position, period.)

F: Chris Bosh, TOR (His team continues to struggle. He continues to produce. Even with that, there is NO reason he should be behind Yi Jianlian in All-Star voting. Seriously, China! Come on!)

G: Joe Johnson, ATL (He is the gel that holds a team full of dynamic athletes together. If he can stay consistent, he will approach superstar status before this season is done. He is the best guard in the league that nobody is voting for; he’s currently 11th in voting. Hawks fans, you should be ashamed of yourself.)

G: Dwyane Wade, MIA (I should buy stock is ben gay, because I know his shoulders and back have to be hurting with him carrying his team and all. I know he’s a shooting guard, but 4th in the League in assists is point guard enough for me.)

C: Dwight Howard, ORL (The fact that Superman isn’t getting more MVP consideration is a tragedy. Free throw shooting aside, anyone reading this would take this dude on their team.)

East Reserves:

F: Kevin Garnett, BOS; Danny Granger, IND; and Antawn Jamison, WAS

G: Rajon Rondo, BOS; Devin Harris, NJN; and (gulp) Vince Carter, NJN

C: Zydrunas Ilgauskas, CLE (if he’s still hurt, I’d go with David Lee, NYK)

East Guys on the Bubble:

Jameer Nelson, ORL; Rodney Stuckey, DET; Ray Allen, BOS; Allen Iverson, DET; Caron Butler, WAS; Paul Pierce, BOS; Rashard Lewis, ORL; David Lee, NYK

Western Conference Starters:

F: Tim Duncan, SAS (It just amazing how flashy the Big Fundamental isn’t. All he does is win basketball games. He just lines up opposite of you, and beats you.)

F: Dirk Nowitski, DAL (One of two players on his team with real heart. Though his team is on the way down from the elite of the West, he continues to shine. Let’s all take a moment to welcome back Dirk’s mane. The buzz-cut thing just wasn’t working.)

G: Chris Paul, NOH (Allen Iverson’s “little man” is still leading the league in assists and steals while averaging 20pts a game. Hornets fans are so spoiled. T-Mac, ahead of this guy in votes, HA! For those of you who vote for T-Mac over CP3, I must blow my nose in your general direction, and call your door-opening request a silly thing!)

G: Brandon Roy, POR (Screw you Kobe, but it gets worse. Exactly how… HOW does Rafer Alston get more votes than this guy? Rafer freaking Alston, are you serious? I guess he’s doing more coattail-riding off all those Chinese votes.)

C: Al Jefferson, MIN (If you’re just a casual basketball fan, this is the best center you never heard of. Even Tyson Chandler is ahead of him in voting, for reasons I cannot figure out. Jefferson is a force to be reckoned with down low, and he actually has a higher PER than Yao Ming.)

West Reserves:

F: Carmelo Anthony, DEN; Pau Gasol, LAL, and David West, NOH

G: Kobe Bryant, LAL; Tony Parker, SAS; and Chauncey Billups, DEN

C: Yao Ming, HOU (I’m struggling not putting Andris Biedrins here)

West Guys on the Bubble:

Deron Williams, UTH; Manu Ginobili, SAS; Trevor Ariza, LAL; Amare’ Stoudamire, PHX; LeMarcus Aldridge, POR; Paul Millsap, UTH; Andris Biedrins, GSW; Shaquille O’Neal, PHX; Nene, DEN

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