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The DVR League Pass Report #9

Published: January 8, 2009

My League Pass almost always shows the broadcast for the team opposite the Hornets, so I’m going to make note of some of my favorite bits from the announcers here. (Note: All my journals will be late as I’m almost always watching the game the following morning. I perform live comedy most nights in Austin, Tx – if you’re in the area, let me know)

Weird. There is almost as much enthusiasm for the Hornets as there is for the Jazz. These guys weren’t mean at all, nor were they unreasonable. They were giving Chris Paul a LOT of credit throughout the game. A few details:

Announcer 1 mentions that the Hornets are 3rd best free-throw shooting team in the league at over 80%, Announcer 2 follows with “shooting 80% as a team and being 3rd best…uh…uh…..hhhhhh…..that’s good.”

These guys keep saying “bitch points” but I think they mean to say “bench points.”

After the last commercial break of the first half there was a camera shot of the arena from the outside and no audio. It looked creepy.

Other thoughts:
I really love those old school Jazz uniforms. I want the team we have, I’m definitely satisfied, but man. Would have been nice to have had a hometown team when I was a kid.

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