So now you know about Lil Wayne and the Hornets and the Meaning of Life

Published: January 7, 2009

First, Lil Wayne wears a Oklahoma City Hornets jersey in a music video a couple years back. Now, he’s on the NBA Today podcast talking about how he’s a big Lakers fan, but because he’s from New Orleans, it’s a toss up (referring to who he’s pulling for in last night’s game).

Real talk – this disappoints me. When Wayne was dropping Hornets references in his songs 4, 5 years ago I was proud and excited. It was like Ice Cube/Lakers. Biggie Smalls/Knicks. Then when the attendance problems became a serious issue I had a fantasy that Lil Wayne would step in and provide some celebrity-juice for the games. He’d always be at ringside. He’d be our Jack Nicholson.

And now the Hornets are actually competing for a championship and Lil Wayne is actually one of the biggest artists in the world. And he’s blogging for ESPN and appearing on the NBA Today podcast and he TOTALLY doesn’t have the Hornets’ back! It’s very disappointing to me. If my memory serves me correct, he also isn’t a Saints fan.

End rant. Discuss. I understand if you don’t care.

In the interest of the rap music, here is a plug for my new rap album (seriously), My Wiener Touches the Ceiling.

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