2009 NBA wishlist

– Flopping, flopping, and flopping. The officials need to get more serious about not calling flops, and the league needs to review tape for egregious offenders and use fines against them. Manu, I’m looking at you.

– As I discussed last week on my blog, I’d like to see the All-Star game voting looked at and fixed however it needs to be. There should be starting PG, SG, SF, PF, and C. Instead we get G,G,F,F,C. Also a cap or some other way of adressing international voting has got to happen.

Points: Paul 20.1, McGrady 15.9
Assists: Paul 11.4, McGrady 4.7
Rebounds: Paul 5.2, McGrady 4.8
Steals: Paul 3, McGrady 1.13
FG%: Paul .497, McGrady .400
FT%: Paul .884, McGrady .826
Player Effeciency Rating: Paul 30.48, McGrady 18.15

– For people to stop the Deron Williams vs. Chris Paul talk. That one is settled guys, really. While we’re on the Hornets, a Finals appearance would be nice.

– Honestly I think the league would be better off with two less teams. This obviously is not going to happen but I think as a product the NBA and fans would benefit if we cut say the Oklahoma City Team Stealers, and the Minnesota Timberyucks and then allowed their players to be signed by any team in the off season, and realign the divisions. 

– Lastly but most important, I think the top 16 teams should make the playoffs regardless of conference. This year isn’t as bad as last year, but still a very good Western Conference team will get left out while an under .500 Eastern team (or 2) gets in.

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