Hornets fan from Philly

Published: December 22, 2008

I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time because I wanted find out if there were other Hornets fans out there like me.  I figure now that I’m home for the holidays, sitting in the room that I grew up in and surrounded by Hornets posters, now’s a better time than any..

I’ve been a Hornets fan for a long time now.. since the 4th grade, so I’m thinking it was around 1994.  I’ve lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia for pretty much my entire life, so growing up I constantly had to explain to people why I loved the Hornets so much and not the Sixers.  It’s weird too because I’m definitely a Phillies/Eagles fan.  In case you’re wondering how I actually became a Hornets fan, here’s the story:

One of my classmates had a Nestle Crunch bar and I wanted a piece of it.  He wouldn’t give me a piece unless I said that my favorite team was the Hornets.. of course I did, and I’ve been a die-hard fan ever since.  The Hornets were actually pretty popular around here because of the Zo – LJ – Muggsy trio, and because I was always the shortest person in my class, Muggsy was a natural role model.  But as much as I loved Muggsy, I quickly turned into the hugest LJ fan for reasons I’m not quite sure.   

I was even a member of the L-ster Fan Club, which was LJ’s fan club.  Not sure what I really got out of that. I do have an autographed LJ photo framed and on my wall still though haha.  Man, I fell in love with everything that guy did.. the movie Eddie, that episode of family matters, space jam, etc.. haha I was also a member of the Jr. Hornets Fan Club.  I think the only things I got out of it were a cheap little mesh jersey and a duffel bag.  Awesome.

I was a long-time subscriber to Sting Magazine.  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist anymore, but if it does, someone let me know.  I had the posters from the magazine hanging up all over my room.  Also, this is pretty random, but when I had braces, I would always pick the colors teal and purple.. wow, what was I thinking

Things haven’t changed all too much.. instead of wanting to go on a vacation to Charlotte, I’m trying to plan a trip to NO sometime in the near future hopefully.  And instead of an LJ jersey I proudly rock a CP3 jersey.  I’ll definitely be a Hornets fan for life.  Can anyone else out there relate?  All Jr. Hornets Fan Club members unite!!

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