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If you were GM…

Published: December 13, 2008

If you were the Hornets GM, what moves would you make to try to make our team a contender THIS YEAR? It was a contention in the off-season after last year that we were missing a shooting guard, and we definitely still are. Who would you get? And how would you go about getting them? Tonight we watched a sub-par rebounding performance without Tyson Chandler. Would you make that a focus of your moves? Or will you assume that that won’t be a problem come playoff time?

Here are my moves right now:

Sean Marks – Has to go. Whether it be by trade in a package deal with Devin Brown or by waiving the guy. Nice guy, no inside presence, turnover prone, bad mid range shooter. He doesn’t take care of any need the Hornets have besides taking up roster space.

Devin Brown – The Hornets are currently over the salary cap. Devin Brown would definitely not be a player that you could just “dump”, but a trade to a team who needs a combo guard for a defensive specialist could really benefit the Hornets. Right now who I have in mind is a guy like Sean Williams from the Nets. An athletic inside presence, whose salary is just over $1.5 mil this year. This might not be a trade the Nets would be interested in, though. So maybe a three team deal, moving Marks to the Nets along with a draft pick or cash from another team like the Timberwolves who essentially don’t even have a backup two guard, or the Thunder who are also very thin at the guard spot. Both the T-Wolves and the Thunder have the salary cap space to pull something off like this too.

To fix the Shooting guard dilemma I have an idea that’s crazy enough that it just might work.

Option 1- J.R. Pinnock – Originally drafted by the Dallas Mavericks and traded to the Lakers. Made a good bit of noise in the preseason, then got cut in favor of Aaron McKie (what a useless move that was..) Played for the Panamanian national team for the last few years. Dropped 30 on the Hornets’ summer league team while playing for the Blazers this year almost effortlessly, shooting 11 for 19 from the field and 4 of 5 from 3 along with 6 boards. He won’t come in and provide a starting role for the Hornets, but his strengths fit right into the game plan. Athletic swing man who can knock down open shots and play lock down on ball D.

Option 2- Charron Fisher – How the 3rd leading scorer in the NCAA goes undrafted stumps me, until I realize that the leading scorer also went undrafted. Whether he’s a “system” scorer or not, kid can make buckets. Averaging 27.6 points a game and almost 10 rebounds a game are pretty solid stats. His 1.7 steals per game are also pretty solid. He also shot 40% from the field and 32% from 3.

Both would be cheap signees. Fisher possibly would cost less, seeing that Pinnock is an established overseas player, but Pinnock is the more complete of the two.

One other option I wouldn’t rule out is moving Daniels to get a 2 guard and picking up Earl Boykins from the free agent list. This does take away the Hornets’ option of a 2 point guard backcourt, but Boykins would bring a Pargo-like spark off of the bench.

What are your ideas?

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