The DVR League Pass Report #7

Published: December 12, 2008

My League Pass almost always shows the broadcast for the team opposite the Hornets, so I’m going to make note of some of my favorite bits from the announcers here. (Note: All my journals will be late as I’m almost always watching the game the following morning. I perform live comedy most nights in Austin, Tx – if you’re in the area, let me know)

This was my second journey with the Charlotte announcers and this time I didn’t miss much. Last time the game was muted because somebody was sleeping in the same room as the TV, which created some drama I can’t legally get into other than that it was definitely dramatic and that because of the law I can’t talk about the details of the drama.

First question – I get into New Orleans on the 21st and wanted to wait til I get there for the big reveal, but I’m ready for it now – What’s that big vertical poster on the side of the building next to the Superdome? It looks similar to the “Congrats Kobe” banner in Hollywood in that it’s possibly glorifying one of our stars. Any info? Pictures? Is it Ryan Bowen? Dan Dickau?

Last time around I commented on the Charlotte area having interesting commercials for the NHL Hurricanes but this time around all of the commercials looked really awful. Like expecting a giant vegetable for dinner and then getting a hot tamale. Right? Thanks.

The announcers had a really fun time referencing the Beyonce “upgrade ya” commercials when discussing the Jason Richardson trade. It went on for over thirty seconds and was hilarious (to them).

These guys, like Memphis, were very complimentary of Tyson. Seems like people weren’t into him last year as much as they are this year which is weird because it seems like the opposite for Hornets fans. For the record I’m still big on Ty.

Speaking of Chandler, it was an Okafor love fest in my television set and then when Tyson got a nasty block for his stat sheet the announcers just replayed the Okafor blocks from earlier. Ha.

Pumped for Boston. Simmons thinks the Celtics are going to have a 19 game win streak for the Christmas Day game. I love Bill Simmons and I want to hear him talk about us some more.

Okay, for tonight’s plug I’m directing everybody to the new music video for my song “O” from my new album “My Wiener Touches the Ceiling.” Enjoy.

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