Hornets acquire Antonio Daniels

Published: December 10, 2008

Well well… things get a little more interesting.  The Daniels pickup crept up on me because I’d been mainly looking at who was available on the free agent wire… but I like this acquisition.

Pros – He’s got good size, can play both guard spots, and generally is a good defender.  There’s really only one year in his whole career in which he’s been a full-time starter, which I think bodes well for his ability to team up with Posey and make this second unit a little less prone to massive hemorrhages of points allowed.  Plus he can run alongside Paul and we can play small ball against the more oafish teams in the west.

Cons – He’s not the steadiest from the outside, but there was one year when he put up 40% from long range… so he’s got it in him.  Plus, anything we get outta him is gravy, because James was contributing absolutely nothing for us — and one has to admit, we’ve got some deep depth in the long range category.  He’s making $6.2 million, but the real bummer is, he’s locked up for another full season.  So basically he’s next year’s big Posey-acquisition.

Still, I think the trade nets out well for us.  It probably won’t impact the win column in the regular season, but I do think that depth will pay off big time in April and make us a little better prepared for a deep playoff run.

To ponder:

1) who would you rather have, Pargo or Daniels?

2) what’s a cooler name, Jannero or Antonio?

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