The DVR League Pass Report #6

Published: December 8, 2008

My League Pass almost always shows the broadcast for the team opposite the Hornets, so I’m going to make note of some of my favorite bits from the announcers here. (Note: All my journals will be late as I’m almost always watching the game the following morning. I perform live comedy most nights in Austin, Tx – if you’re in the area, let me know)

I finally watched the game this afternoon. I’m finally back in town. I’m finally writing this journal. You finally have something to do right now.

The Memphis guys were surprisingly very supportive of the Hornets all night long. We heard that Tyson might be the best rebounder in the league and not one minute later heard that David West might be the best power forward in the league. Overall very supportive of the Hornets and optimistic about the Grizzlies’ future while not being annoying about it. Thanks.

The only low (funny) points were when they were discussing whether or not the New Orleans big 3 were going to be able to score 50. The graphic on the screen showed that they had 56. One of the announcers says “I’m prety sure it’s going to happen.” And then there was awkward talk about lexicons followed by some uncomfortable jokes. Then there was a brilliant callback to the non-joke a couple minutes later. Thanks.

Best part was when they called out Baron Davis for being a poison. Gave New Orleans big props for recovering. Thanks.

Memphis > Everybody else.

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