Jannero Pargo doing well

From www.ballineurope.com, an interesting paragraph on Pargo’s impact in Russia:

Jannero Pargo was expected to be the shiniest star coming from the NBA, close as he was to winning the NBA’s Sixth Man Award last year with the New Orleans Hornets. Considering how many top players Dynamo Moscow has, it was difficult to imagine more than 25 minutes per game for Pargo. Not wrong: Blatt gives him 22 mpg, but the Chicago original is not sad playing somewhat less than in the NBA, and his numbers (14 points per game, 62% FG, 4 rebounds per game) confirm he already is the Dynamos’ leader; Pargo plays when it counts and he’s driven the club to a 6-2 record after an unexpected debut loss to Spartak Primorie and a tough battle against CSKA Moscow in which he scored 25 points.

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