Do Me A Favor During the Clippers Game?

Published: November 24, 2008

Some of you may know, I’ll be making a trip from Las Vegas tomorrow from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to see my very first Hornet’s Game, or even real NBA Season game. I’m extremely excited. I don’t have CST on League Pass so,

If any of you guys happen to see me on TV on CST, would you please tell me or somehow record it for me?

I’ll be wearing a teal Stojakovic jersey with me and there will be another older dude with me wearing a white CP3 jersey. I’ve always wanted to get on TV and hopefully CST will show probably the only 2 Hornet fanatics in the building tomorrow. My DVR will be recording the game for me, but chances are it’ll be broadcasted through FSN or some other SouthWest channel. Thx for the time everyone.

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