Nice bench effort. Still too many box score oddities.

Published: November 22, 2008

Obviously we’re not going to get too fired up about a blowout win over a team that probably would finish middle-of-the-pack in the Big Sky Conference… but there’s something refreshing about things going the way they’re supposed to.  The bench situation has had me worried since last year’s playoffs. I was never a Pargo fan but had to admit I was a little concerned about his going Euro on us.

But Devin Brown is starting to turn into a stud.  We know he’s got the scorer’s DNA after that first stint with the Hornets, but we’re seeing him step up and attack the basket with an energy that I’m hoping will rub off on the entire second unit.  That’s the theme going into December folks.  We’re not going to get production from every sub on every night, but if it’s Posey out there carrying the whole B team for the rest of the year… we’re looking at 45 wins and a first round exit.

It’s good to see Armstrong going after his shot and making the most of the bizarre Chandler disappearance.  Juju filled up the stat sheet in his own way.  These two plus Brown combined for 35 points; that’s big news for a bench that was looking pretty wafer thin.

My wish list for the next week:

  • I want 20 points from Tyson Chandler, and I want to never see a 0 f.g. attempted stat line ever again.
  • I want back to back double digit rebound nights from West.
  • I want a CP-Juju alley oop, like a nasty one that puts Wright on the map for a few people.

I’ll save my Peja wish list for another time.

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