Trades, anyone? Anyone?? 1st edition

Published: November 20, 2008

Our team’s supposed to be contending for a title this season and I don’t feel like that will happen unless we make a few minor moves. I’ve decided to start my first edition with Mike James. Easy place to start given the fact that he’s been benched in favor of Devin Brown. Even though I don’t feel that Brown’s the answer either, I do like what he brings when he plays. As solid as he’s been this season, I think he’d be even better if he was playing at the 2 when he comes in if we traded James for another true point guard.

I’ve made a list of 5 possible (and maybe some impossible) trades that I think the Hornets should explore:

Mike James to Atlanta Hawks in exchange for guard Acie Law IV and center Zaza Pachulia
  • Upside: We get rid of Mike James and get two young, serviceable backups.
  • Downside: While I think a guy like Pachulia would be an upgrade (in my opinion) over Armstrong at backup center, I’m a little unsure at this point about Law. He hasn’t really shown much in the NBA and hasn’t had the opportunity to show much.
Mike James to Indiana Pacers in exchange for guard Jamaal Tinsley
  • Upside: We get rid of James and get younger at the position.
  • Downside: When he’s healthy, I think Tinsley is a pretty solid point guard but that’s just it: he’s an injury-prone player.
Mike James to Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for guard Earl Watson
  • Upside: see above.
  • Downside: James is shooting 32% while playing a little over 9 min. per game; Watson is shooting a little better at about 35% while playing over 25 min. per game. Maybe Watson’s just in a shooting slump but not a good start to his season so far or for the Thunder overall.

Mike James to Portland Trailblazers in exchange for guard Steve Blake and forward Ike Diogu
  • Upside: We get a more capable offensive player in Blake and decent pick up in Diogu. Even though he hasn’t seen much playing time, I think Diogu’s a solid player. He just plays for a really, really deep and talented team.
  • Downside: I don’t really see much downside to this trade.
Mike James to Washington Wizards in exchange for guard Antonio Daniels
  • Upside: We get a better player (overall) in Daniels
  • Downside: Really no downside to me unless age becomes a factor which I doubt (Daniels is 33, a few months older than James)

I may be in the minority but I feel this is one of the only ways, in addition to not playing like crap, that the team will improve. Still, we haven’t been given any reason to think that trades will be made but you never know. Players vying for the spot in the 2nd edition: Hilton, Armstrong, and Hilton Armstrong.

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