Watching the game

Published: November 17, 2008

I dont have season tickets. Cant afford them. I also have DirectTV which means that I cant watch a Hornets game at home even if its on League Pass, TNT or NBA TV until DirectTV and CST complete their fight to the death. So, here’s my conundrum. 

I need a place to watch Hornets Games. I live on the Wank but dont want to watch here. Metairie is too far. So, CBD, Uptown, Warehouse District or Quarter. Tell me the best place YOU think I should watch my games.

Here are the rules:

1) Parking must be available.

2) Drinks must be reasonable.

3) They HAVE to show the game. Saturday night there was college football on and I went to 7 different places to finally find an open place that had the game on 1 of its 6 TVs. So, it has to be a MUST-SHOW place.

4) It needn’t be upscale, but it shouldn’t be such a dive as to be dangerous. The place I landed Saturday, I left when I needed to get some cash from an ATM. There was a scary looking man blocking access to their ATM.

If you make a recommendation, I’ll check it out and write it up.

Let me hear from ya peeps!

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