My Week 1 News and Notes

Published: November 6, 2008

NOTE: Originally supposed to be posted on November 5th, but there were some complications, so the numbers are a day old.

– The Philadelphia 76er’s are 2-2, and a lot of people are jumping off their bandwagon, especially because of the bad loss to Atlanta. I would note that at +11.3 they have the best differential in the Eastern Conference. They are also incorporating a new cog, namely Elton Brand, the guy who will lead this team in scoring. So let’s give them a month or so, ok?

– Players of the week, Chris Bosh and Chris Paul. I would get used to seeing this. If Bosh played in America I think he’d have a shot at MVP.

– Everyone has thrown in their two cents, but the Iverson trade worked well for both teams. For Detroit they got a ton of free cap space after this year ( Iverson and Sheed.) The Nuggets made their team better by having a real point guard (and genuine threat from 3) that will allow Melo more room to operate in the high post. What I don’t belive the Pistons got was a shot at Lebron James. Even if William Wesley ( look him up on TrueHoop if you don’t know him) is friends with Joe Dumars. The Pistons still won’t be able to offer as much money as Cleveland, and they can’t offer the market of NY.

– The Pacers have been impressive. The Lakers have been unreal (+21.7 ?!?), and the Spurs have been bad. Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus has the Spurs missing the playoffs, and who knows if he is that far off. Duncan and Parker have been phenomenal (#4 and #1 in PER so far) and they are still 0-3. They can’t get Manu back soon enough.

– My Hornets are 3-0. Two missed games by Tyson Chandler, One by Peja. So much for having no depth. Posey has really anchored that second unit and the others are fitting together nicely. Rasual Butler has been good especially.

– Only 5 teams in the West have scoring differentials that are positive. All but 4 East teams do. The East is closing the gap. There may not be much of one besides the tip top of the West.

– Utah has been really good without Deron Williams, tonight’s game with the Blazers will be on the small television in my living room while the Hornets are on. Williams may play tonight. Analysts are raving about how Sloan runs their system and they can plug guys in and get it done. I think they are certainly a much better team with Williams offense out there, but I can see what they mean when I watch them dismantle teams with Ronnie Price running the point. Ronnie Brewer is a really good defender and finisher and is probably a little underrated by the national media. This team is good. Like, could win it all this year good.

– The young Grizzlies are playing good defense. No really, to the tune of 85.3 ppg. Small sample size I know, but impressive still.

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