SRB State of Mind #1

Published: November 4, 2008

Okay, so I’m starting a series of journals where I’ll just get to write down my thoughts on Hornets basketball & other random things on my mind. Let’s have a look!

Hornets Basketball

Our bench is looking a lot better than I expected. I’m really happy that Rasual is looking confident out there. He’s knocking down shots and his defense is solid. Ely’s game hasn’t really changed lately, but I do like the hair. Defenders don’t seem to like it when he’s posting up. Also, we still haven’t seen JuJu play. I’m expecting some great things from him this season. Hilton is also holding his own out there. I’m liking the energetic defense I’ve seen lately. I’m sure the people of HornetsHype are happy about that. Devin Brown has failed me miserably, but I do expect him to get better as the season goes along. He seemed a lot faster two years ago. The dude’s moving almost as slow as Ely. I’m just really sad that Ryan Bowen isn’t in the rotation anymore. I wanna Do the Hustle some more this season!

I had to start a new paragraph to talk about our back up point guard position. I just don’t believe Mike James can get the job done. I like to think of our bench as one player. All of the pieces of it look solid, except the head of the beast, who is Mike James. With out the head controlling the arms and legs properly, the bench doesn’t do much on offense for us. I’d like to see Devin Brown take over soon if he can return to his old form, or I’d like us to propose some type of trade. I’m sorry, but I’m not a believer.

So we have two injured starters, and that means we are going to lose a few games right? Wrong! We’ve already beaten the Cavs with out Peja or Tyson, and the next 3 games are against the Hawks, Bobcats, and Heat. I’m expecting 6-0 after that week. The 3 game after those are the Lakers, and then the Blazers and Rockets on back to back nights. By then I’m hoping to have all of our starters ready, and I’d expect us to go at least 2-1 that week. After that, it’s the Kings and the Thunder. I forsee 10-1 by the end of the month, and something very shiny and gold by the end of the season!

Just like many of you, I too have a speical man crush on James Posey. The guy is quickly becoming one of my favorite players in the league. He’s just brings that winning attitude every night, and I think that’s part of the reason why the rest of the bench is playing well too. I love how the man still sacrafices his body every game, even if he is in his 30’s. Most importantly, he’s a great leader and role model for our team. I’ve noticed how he hugs CP and talks to him before the start of games. The Vet helping our young leader out. Beautiful. 

As far as Chris Paul goes, I don’t think we need to priase him any more. The guy can have a 25-15 night, and to us that’s just a decent night. We’re used to his greatness. In case you didn’t know, he just won the Western Conference Player of the Week Award. He’s the best in the business, let’s just leave it at that.

Random Thoughts: Squigly Style!

~Two games today that will tell us a lot about our opponent this season: DAL @ SAS; BOS @ HOU. I expect Boston to beat the Rockets. I think they’re really overrated this season. Artest can only do so much. Bad or Good. And I think the Spurs win at home like they should.

~Only 20 days until I get to see the Hornets play in Los Angeles. Yay!

~NBA 2k9 took Peja of the Hornet’s Roster today. Boo. I lost to the Lakers this morning because of that. Peja needs to come back so I can keep hitting Serbian lay ups again. (Those are 3 pointers)

~I just found my Hornets hat I got like 3 years ago. Sweet. I’ll wear it to the game

~I’m almost done with my first Wallpaper, I’ll post it up here by this weekend for some commetns from you guys

~I am so gettin me some shoes from Nike ID. Gettin em customized with my initials and team colors. (I bet you don’t care)

~Also, Niall and Ryan are pretty damn gangsta

Thanks for reading guys.

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