James Posey is a phantom

Published: October 28, 2008

I went to the Swarm last night, cameras in bag to get up close and personal shots of the Hornets and I got much more than I expected. Saw Ticktock6 and Niall Doherty of course, the Queen and King of Hornets blogging, as well as many other commenters (good seeing you!). I got shots of everyone, including very good shots of George Shinn and Jeff Bower. The lighting and my location was perfect to catch every member of the team as they were on stage. I’m so happy with the results, I’m mostly keeping them for myself for a rainy day. When the Hornets win the Finals this year, I’ll have an awesome photo set to celebrate.

Except for James Posey. I could not get a decent shot of him solo. Outside in sunlight, on stage under stage light, sitting giving autographs, nada. Worse for me, I know I’m not getting him at the time. Im switching up my settings, checking for better lighting opportunities (I only shoot available light, no flash). I start coming up with explanations (read: excuses) for why I cant get him. He’s wearing a hat. The lighting is dark. He’s moving a lot. He’s a dark-complected black man (which affects light reflection to the lens). I’ve almost convinced myself that those reasons explain why I cant get a good shot of him when I turn around and standing right behind me is Flee, a sax player for Rebirth Brass Band. He gives me a big hug (I didn’t know he was a fan). In that moment, all explanations evaporate. Ive shot Flee and Rebirth a half-dozen times and every single explanation that has given me comfort above evaporate since Ive shot him with every excuse listed and gotten publication-worthy results.

With luck, Posey is on the end of the autograph line. At three feet, I cant miss right? Wrong. My autofocus wont find him. The dude is POSING for me and I cant get the shot. Security tells me thats enough, I shoot the drumline and when I come back, he’s the only person still sitting and there’s no line. I can control the lighting angle, I should be set. He poses AGAIN. Nada. Cant get the shot.

So, Im convinced that Posey is actually some kind of phantom. He cant be photographed without some form of direct lighting.

This is the best shot I got of him the entire time and its a better shot of DWest.

James Posey hiding behind Marvin Ely

There is an outside chance I caught him on film, but Im not holding my breath.

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