An ode to my Teal Hat

Published: October 28, 2008

When I first started going to Hornets games a few years back, I was, as many of you are in your 1st Hornets experience, without Hornets apparel. It was time to fix that situation, HIVE style. I bought this teal hat with the then official Hornets logo on it. I decided to spread the word of the Hornets by not only wearing the hat to every game, but also wearing the hat to every gameday.

My beloved hat really came into its own last season. When folks would see me wearing the hat, they knew it was gameday. No one had to ask if we had a game or not. Instead they would ask who we were playing. I was proud of my hat, because it had done its small part of getting the word out that the Hornets were back in New Orleans for good. It didn’t stop come playoff time either. Every gameday during the playoffs, there my hat was, in its rightful place sitting atop my head. By this time it had become rather aged, but was still a very reliable piece of headgear.

The season ended in a mixture of heartbreak, but also affirmation of tremendous growth for our Hornets. For my hat on the other hand, it was the end of an era. We knew the Hornets would be changing their colors, with teal being replaced by creole blue. Twas a sad day indeed when I purchased a new hat, but it was also a new beginning. I continued to wear the Teal Hat throughout the preseason, but wore the new creole blue and black hat to last night’s pep rally. The teal hat will officially be retired tomorrow at the hornets247 watch party at Handsome Willy’s.

For the teal hat… it must go the way of Ron Hitley, necessary at the time, but outlived his usefulness. But just like Niall Doherty, the Creole Blue & Black Hat has massive, Ron-sized, shoes to fill.

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