Random Shizzle: Soft Drink edition

Published: January 26, 2007

Yeah, I came crawling back. Being this obsessed with the Hornets isn't healthy. I should have picked the Mavs or heroin or something back in the day. Stupid purple and teal Starter jacket reeled me in.

I don't know

Anyways, methinks we'll be doing the whole random shizzle thing more often now, since time spent previewing meaningless games is, well, meaningless. Feel free to keep your fingers crossed and hope for the Playoffs, but I've accepted this as a lost season.

And I'm usually such a glass-half-full guy. Bullet-mode…

  • The Hornets begin a five-game homestand this evening. Well, kind of. They play the Kings today in sweet home New Orleans. Then it's back to Oklahoma City for the other four, the first of which is against Utah tomorrow night.
  • Just the quick dip on the Kings: We haven't seen them yet this season, but starting tonight they'll play the Hornets three times in the next three weeks. They're 17-23 on the season, 5-12 on the road. They've won three of their last four. Kevin Martin is their leading scorer (20.5ppg), Artest, Bibby and Shareef are all dangerous, Artest in more ways than one. Check the linkage down low for plenty more.
  • HornetsReport have a funky new layout for their homepage. I give it three thumbs up.
  • Former Hornet wide-body Robbie Tracky Traylor done got involved with some shady dudes and is now facing up to 14 months in prison. Whoops. At least he won't be anybody's bitch in there.
  • The Hornets have signed a sponsorship deal with the 7up people, making that the official soft drink of the Hornets and therefore my new favourite drink. New Orleans Trumpeters are on me.

Tip tonight is at 7pm CT down on the Bayou. And that's all I have to say about that.

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