The Raptors beat the Hornets

Game over.

Jose did it 

I said yesterday that if the Hornets lost to the Raptors, the season was done. No Playoffs, see you next year. You know by now that the Hornets did indeed lose. And they didn't just lose in any old unspectacular fashion. No sir, not our Hornets. They waited until they had a 15-point lead with seven minutes left before imploding.

And now the hole is too deep. 

Check out the standings. 16-25. Third worst in the West. Still just four games behind Minnesota for that eighth and final Playoff spot, but four teams with more realistic ambitions between us and them.

Clark Matthews pretty much covered this in a HC blog post yesterday, figuring that the Hornets need to win about 60% of their games the rest of the way to have any kind of shot. Even at that, we'd have to count on Golden State, Sacramento, Portland, the Clippers and the T-Wolves playing like dogs and falling out of contention. Let's face it, that's not going to happen. We're not that lucky.

So, I guess I could just take the rest of the season off, work on my gardening blog. It's less stressful, you know?

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