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  • New Orleans Pelicans Season In Review: Dante Cunningham

    On December 4th, 2014, an opportunity presented itself to Dell Demps and he took advantage of it. Due to a bogus charge, Dante Cunningham was just sitting there on the open market, waiting to be scooped up, and Demps did just that. Within a week, Cunningham was regularly getting 25-30 minutes a night and within […]

  • Season in Review: Eric Gordon

    Fair or not, Eric Gordon’s tenure in New Orleans will always be connected to the expectations that came with the Chris Paul trade in 2011. It is easy to understand why. He was, in many ways, the centerpiece of a trade that saw New Orleans’ most decorated player leave the team. Expectations for Gordon were […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans Season in Review: Jimmer Fredette

    Allow me to start out Jimmer Fredette’s season review with this player comparison table. Time to play a little game I like to call “guess that player”! If you guessed “the same guy”, you’re right! Player X is Jimmer Fredette in his most recent season before coming to New Orleans. Jimmer finished the 2013-14 NBA season doing […]

  • Season In Review: Norris Cole

    A two time NBA champion, Norris Cole was brought in from the Miami heat in a three-team trade that sent out John Salmons. The idea was that the Pelicans desperately needed backup point guard help. Jrue Holiday had been battling injuries, so too Tyreke Evans. New Orleans needed a guy to fill the “void” left by […]

  • Season in Review: Jrue Holiday

    It’s disheartening to once again give Jrue Holiday an “Incomplete,” as he missed more games than he played this year for the second season in a row. Next year, the third year in his four year deal, Holiday won’t be graded as an “Incomplete”. Playing or not, he is what he is, next year. Offense […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans Season in Review: Jeff Withey

    Sometimes things just don’t break your way–and for Jeff Withey, the offseason addition of Omer Asik all but promised that he would not see many minutes.  It’s not that Withey doesn’t have NBA talent–he does–but he’s not as good as Davis, Anderson, Asik, or Ajinca, and this year, he struggled to get any minutes on the floor. […]

  • Season in Review: Quincy Pondexter

    A Summary Quincy Pondexter is one of 4 players on the Pelicans who is under contract beyond next season (the other 3 being Evans, Holiday, and soon to be Davis). He was brought in for his second stint in New Orleans on January 12th, 2015 in a 5-player trade that sent out Austin Rivers to […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans Season In Review: Omer Asik

    In Spain, Omer Asik told Monty/Anthony Davis he just wants to rebound/defend. Upon hearing that, Davis’ smile was “like the Kool-Aid Man – Jim Eichenhofer, Pelicans.com It’s been talked about everywhere, whether the Pelicans should re-sign Omer Asik. New Orleans was surging towards the playoffs thanks in large part to their improved defensive play. Their […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans Season in Review: Ryan Anderson

    Ryan Anderson’s 2013-14 season was unfortunately cut far too short as a result of an in-game collision in early January with the Celtics’ Gerald Wallace. Prior to that accident, though, Anderson was having the best shooting season of his career, hitting about 41% of his 3-point attempts to go along with a career low turnover rate of […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans Season In Review: Alexis Ajinca

    Alexis Ajinca is not a core player to the Pelicans. But he is a rotation guy, a bench big, and during the 2014-2015 season the New Orleans Pelicans relied on their bench quite a bit to step up when starters went down with injuries. Did he do an admirable job? Does his performance this season […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans Season in Review: Anthony Davis

    I couldn’t figure out where to start this article – for as much of the individual brilliance that I’ve witnessed from Anthony Davis over the past few years, writing about how amazing he is feels like trying to prove gravity.  Everyone already knows it exists, and everyone knows that Anthony Davis is on a trajectory that most […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans Season in Review: Luke Babbitt

    At the age of 25, Luke Babbitt is by almost all standards a young guy. Of course, it is a bit different in the NBA. After 5 years, most would agree that we pretty much know who Luke Babbitt is as a player. Still, I wouldn’t call him old, but I would call him mature. That […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans Season In Review: Tyreke Evans

    Let’s get one thing straight – If it weren’t for Tyreke Evans this season, the Pelicans wouldn’t have sniffed the playoffs. He is a polarizing player that can be seen by some as an unstoppable offensive force and by others as an out-of-control liability, but both camps agree that he is as tough as they […]