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  • The Curious Case of Pierre Jackson

    There was a moment during this All Star weekend that was a bit odd for me. You see, for a few hours during and after the D-League’s annual All Star game, Pierre Jackson became the Internet’s entire focus. If you’re a Pelicans fan, you know this is merely another moment where the diminutive guard has […]

  • Possible Next Steps for the Anderson-less New Orleans Pelicans

    The New Orleans Pelicans announced this morning that Ryan Anderson suffered a herniated disc and is out indefinitely. The subsequent question, naturally, is what “indefinitely” actually means. Unfortunately, with an injury like this, the proper course of action is to expect the worst and hope for the best. Returning to action too quickly could result […]

  • Pierre Jackson to Play Overseas Next Season

    After several weeks of speculation, Pierre Jackson has finally confirmed that he will be heading to France next season to play porfessionally next season.   Welp everyone it’s official in a couple days I will be going to France to play my first professional… http://t.co/r320RxEiEI — Pierre Jackson (@PierreJackson55) August 10, 2013 Now, that we […]

  • Bryan Gates and Pierre Jackson After Practice in Vegas

    After a two hour practice at Pierre Jackson’s old high school, we got to pick the brains of Summer League Head Coach Bryan Gates and rookie Pierre Jackson for a couple of minutes.                          

  • Who is Pierre Jackson? Scouting the New Orleans Pelicans Second Round Pick

    With all the craziness taking place in the last five days, one guy has been overlooked by all of us – the guy that we actually drafted on Thursday night, Pierre Jackson. The trade that brought Jrue Holiday to New Orleans also included the New Orleans Pelicans receiving the 42nd pick, which turned out to […]