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  • Close but no cigar: Pelicans rally against the Eastern Conference Champs falls short

    There are no moral victories in professional sports and New Orleans Pelicans fans likely feel they received a lump of coal after a 111-98 loss to the Miami Heat on Christmas Day. I’ll be honest. I am actually a little surprised that this Pelicans team is competing as well as they are this early in […]

  • SVG deserves a lot of credit for the Pelicans’ opening night win. His players do too.

    By the time you read this, the New Orleans Pelicans will be preparing to play a highly publicized Christmas Day game on ESPN on the road to face the Miami Heat.  I can’t predict the future but defeating the reigning Eastern Conference Champions will be a tough order. However, after Wednesday night’s opening 113-99 win […]

  • The Missing Piece: Perfect Pairs

    Last year, I took a look at the top guys we could consider with our own pick and paired them with the ideal guy to match their skill set that figured to be available with the Timberwolves pick. As you can see from looking back at the piece, Dell and I appeared to be on […]

  • On the Trade Front: What is Eric Bledsoe Worth?

    Without a doubt, the #1 question I get on Twitter, in emails, for the podcast, etc. is “What would the Clippers want for Eric Bledsoe?” That question came even more feverishly after Chris Paul’s comments about Eric Bledsoe most likely being traded this offseason. First of all, that is an impossible question for me to […]

  • The Missing Piece: Playoff Scouting, Draft Ranking, and Summer Planning

    The season has now officially come to a close for the Pelicans, and now we are just a few short weeks away from perhaps the biggest off-season in franchise history. The cornerstone is in place, a sharpshooter has been found, and our oft-injured premier scorer has given us some reason to hope he can be […]

  • The Missing Piece: Getting On Point

    If you are one of the few people who still believe that Greivis Vasquez is the long term answer at point guard, stop reading now. However, if you view Vasquez more as a fantastic bench player or a quality asset that Dell should look to move this summer in the search for this franchise’s next […]

  • The Missing Piece: Modeling Models

    The easiest way to figure out an answer to a question is to find someone else who has already solved it and “borrow” the answer from them. My teachers used to frown upon this practice in school, but the NBA has no rules against one franchise copying another franchise’s successful model. In fact, it is […]

  • The Missing Piece: Narrowing our Focus

    The Trade Deadline came and went without very much movement, but that might not be the worst thing for the Hornets. Lack of movement at this time could mean more movement in the offseason, as teams get a reality check in the playoffs after the roster they loved so much and didn’t want to touch, […]

  • The Missing Piece: Waiting for 2014

    It has been assumed for the past couple of months that the Hornets would make a large splash either in Free Agency or via Trade sometime between now and August, resulting in us acquiring the ‘Missing Piece’ and moving forward with a complete, dangerous team. But the purpose of this year long series is to […]

  • The Missing Piece: Re-Handicapping the Field

    Our first ‘Missing Piece’ of the season introduced all of our possible options and handicapped the field, so now that we are halfway through the season, I felt it was right to revisit and re-handicap the field. Things are a little more complicated this time around, but in a good way. At the beginning of […]

  • The Missing Piece: Gauging the Value of our First Rounder

    The New Orleans Hornets currently have  a record of 5-21 and if the NBA lottery were to be held tonight, they would have a 15.6% chance at the #1 overall pick and a 47% shot at a top three pick. But what is a pick like that worth just a third of the way through […]

  • Game On: Hornets @ Clippers

    The last time these two teams got together, a three-point contest broke out in the middle of an NBA game, and thanks to Ryan Anderson and Greivis Vasquez, the Hornets pulled out a thrilling victory. Can it happen again? Well, let’s take a look at how the Hornets can win this game. Keys to the […]