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  • Per Dario Saric’s Agent: Decision is Made, Saric will Withdraw from Draft

    After Chad Ford reported yesterday that Dario Saric is “leaning towards withdrawing from the draft”, I decided to take it upon myself to dig a little deeper. After all, I had plenty invested following a 4000+ word piece on Saric yesterday. I reached out to several people, including Saric’s agent Robert Jablan. I asked for […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Dario Saric (Updated)

    I said in the last podcast that it was clear to me by this time in the process that Austin Rivers would be the 10th pick, but that this year was way different and I had no idea what the Pelicans would do with the sixth pick. I don’t feel that way anymore. Even though […]

  • Sixth Pick Tournament Round One: Victor Oladipo vs. Dario Saric

    Russ Reed and Michael Pellissier go head to head in today’s matchup, which pits Indiana shooting guard Victor Oladipo against International small forward Dario Saric in round one of the Sixth Pick Tournament. The Case for Victor Oladipo (Russ Reed) Teams drafting in the lottery are generally left in something of a conundrum; youth, potential, […]

  • The Missing Piece: International Imports

    I hate not knowing. Hate it. I pride myself on knowing every side of the argument, researching every possible solution and then moving forward with well-thought out forecasts and solutions that have a foundation of probability, or at the very least, extreme possibility. In my Missing Piece last week, I laid out the different college […]