Author: Michael McNamara

  • The Tale of Two Arizas: Which One Are the Hornets Getting?

    After the trade, Ryan did a comprehensive breakdown of Ariza’s statistics over the last couple of years. Charles Barkley has a saying about stats, “they are like a fine woman in a bikini- nice to look at, but you don’t see the whole story.” This is especially true in basketball, where every team is completely […]

  • Collison to the Pacers a Done Deal

    Since the season ended, the #1 question has been which PG is being traded and when. It looks like we finally have our answer. ESPN is reporting that a four team trade has been finalized that will send Collison and Posey to Indiana, Troy Murphy to the Nets, Courtney Lee to the Rockets, and Trevor […]

  • Is Paul Leaving the Worst Case Scenario?

    This will be the last column I write on a possible CP3 trade- I PROMISE. Like many of you I am sick of hearing about it, reading about it, being asked about it, and speculating on it. But I am a sucker for playing Devil’s Advocate and after reading Ryan’s amazing column on possible CP3 […]

  • Being Dell Demps

    Imagine you found a door in your house that entered Dell Demps mind today- allowing you to manipulate his thoughts and words. For those of you who have seen the 1999 film Being John Malkovich, you can relate to this scenario. For others, I know it seems rediculous, but go with me here.  Now Chris […]

  • Pennies on the Dollar

    Dell Demps goes into Mondays meeting with Chris Paul needing to sell him on his vision. He must show the frustrated face of the franchise that it is possible for this roster of mismatched parts to be transformed into a contender. Moves will have to be made that will give the Hornets a legitimate opportunity […]

  • The Culture of Stacking

    For those of you still limber enough to play pick-up basketball, you will probably recognize a trend that has become the norm over these last few years. On the blacktop we call this trend Stacking. Stacking takes place when the best player on a losing team calls “last downs”- that is he forgoes his opportunity […]