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  • Injuries and Replacement

    In a journal here titled “Keeping Faith in a Long Season” I showed my true colors. I am a huge baseball fan, and a semi-huge basketball fan ( I would not have spent as much of my grad-student budget to travel 5 hours to see the Hornets-Spurs if I wasn’t semi huge). I am also […]

  • Player Profile: David West

    We all know that David West has blossomed into one of the finest Power Forwards in the league. On the night of his 40 point outpouring to help the Hornets beat the Lakers in the Staples Center I thought that I would write up a little profile of him as I wait to see the […]

  • 2009 NBA wishlist

    – Flopping, flopping, and flopping. The officials need to get more serious about not calling flops, and the league needs to review tape for egregious offenders and use fines against them. Manu, I’m looking at you. – As I discussed last week on my blog, I’d like to see the All-Star game voting looked at […]

  • Keeping faith in a long season

    I love the NBA, and most of all the Hornets, but the sport I follow even more fervently is baseball. I watched about 150 Marlins games last season. As a baseball fan I know what it is like to feel the woes of a long season. The team loses a few games ugly and it […]

  • More pictures

    Many of you seemed to like the game pictures that I posted from my first live game, so I decided to post a few more of these. There are some cool ones in here, like JUJU showing off dunking off the backboard before the game, or all of them in the huddle. I didn’t say […]

  • First Live Hornets game

    So many of you may have noticed from the comments section that my first live Hornets game was last night against the Spurs. I grew in Florida an NBA orphan, young and spoiled by the Bulls. The Magic and Heat were of no concern to me (although my baseball and football alliegances lie in FL.) […]

  • Week 3 News and Notes

    – First and foremost, did everyone see what Anthony Morrow put up in his first real run as an NBA player? 37 points, 11 Reb. on 15-20 shooting. He followed that up with 25 points the next night. He was an undrafted free agent, Warriors have to be happy with that. – Staying on the […]

  • Week 2 News and Notes

    -The East is 17-12 vs. the West. It seems the turning of the guard is happening some. Age has gotten to some of the western previous powers obviously, but I can’t help but think that David Stern was right when he said conference power is cyclical. -Hornets watch: 4-2 after a 1-2 week. They got […]

  • My Week 1 News and Notes

    NOTE: Originally supposed to be posted on November 5th, but there were some complications, so the numbers are a day old. – The Philadelphia 76er’s are 2-2, and a lot of people are jumping off their bandwagon, especially because of the bad loss to Atlanta. I would note that at +11.3 they have the best […]