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  • The Anniversary of the Smoothie King Center

    Two years ago on this day a wonderfully weird thing happened in the land of New Orleans professional basketball. https://youtu.be/qgg-QtBfdHg Take a trip down memory lane with this oldie but goodie (one of my favorite columns I’ve ever penned for BSS) and while we’re here, go outside and take a walk. Or drop a couple of burpees […]

  • Dear Pelicans: Please Axe Day-O

    Before all of the Harry Belafonte truthers out there turn on me, it’s not that I dislike the song. It’s that I dislike this chilled out low energy song about bananas being played during crucial moments of a basketball game. Specifically, I dislike this sleepy track being played at The Smoothie King Center when a team […]

  • A How-To Guide for Hosting a Playoff Game in New Orleans

    Important events require careful, clever planning. Surprise parties, international trips, festivals, New Orleans comedy festivals, cross-country road trips, graduations, and most relevantly to you, fine reader, a postseason basketball game. Specifically a postseason basketball game in New Orleans, the city still proudly holding the big game championship belt. Final Fours, Super Bowls, All-Star Weekends, College […]

  • The Beauty of Gray

    This is not a black and white world To be alive, I say that the colors must swirl And I believe that maybe today We will all get to appreciate The beauty of gray — Live, The Beauty of Gray As many have noticed, the next phase of renovations of the Smoothie King Center have […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #33: Photoshops and More – Defending The Smoothie King Center

    Trew 2 the Game is a weekly humor column by comedian Chris Trew. This column runs on Tuesdays and whenever something special happens. Follow Trew 2 the Game on Twitter here. _______________________________________ Look out internet, it’s an emergency Trew 2 the Game post! This means that either a Pelican has done something bizarre or brilliant […]