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  • Sixth Pick Tournament Round Two: Alex Len vs. Cody Zeller

    Two big men go head-to-head in the second round of the Sixth Pick Tournament, as James Grayson and Michael Pellissier argue for Alex Len and Cody Zeller. The Case for Cody Zeller (Grayson) I love our readers and Pelican fans. It’s not just because they’re passionate, open-minded and engaging. It’s because they’re smart. You guys […]

  • Sixth Pick Tournament Round One: Cody Zeller vs. Trade for a Young Vet

    In our final first round battle, James Grayson and Chris Trew go head to head, as Cody Zeller is pitted against the option of Trading for a Young Veteran. The Case for Cody Zeller (Grayson) Cody Zeller is the most sure fire thing in this year’s NBA Draft. I can’t imagine that someone who was […]

  • The Missing Piece: Scouting the NBA Combine

    By the time the next ‘Missing Piece’ is published, the NBA Combine will have come and gone and the draft lottery will be just three days away. On May 16th and 17th, the top NBA prospects will be put through a series of athletic tests and will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to some […]

  • The Missing Piece: Unveiling the Big Board

    It’s that time basketball fans. Whether you get sucked into March Madness for the pure love of the game or for the love of your bracket, we will all be watching closely these next few weeks, and when we do we should have our scouting glasses on. While Dell will have plenty of money to […]

  • The Missing Piece: Building an Advanced Team

    Last Week, the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference took place in Boston, and some interesting presentations were made that might or might not influence decision makers in the NBA, both now and in future generations to come. There is an old school vs. new school debate going on right now in NBA circles, with the […]

  • The Missing Piece: Draft Tiers

    In the last few pieces we have focused on veterans who could step in right away, take the Hornets to another level, and save Monty the frustration of having to introduce teenagers to the fundamental parts of the game and the NBA lifestyle. Monty has stated in the past that he would prefer to coach […]