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    What to Expect When You Are Expecting: Anthony Davis and the Point God

    As part of a reoccuring piece, Hornets247.com takes a look at the rookie seasons of franchise players to get an idea of what to expect from Anthony Davis.

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    Hornets CBA FAQ Part One: Eric Gordon, Anthony Davis, and CP3

    We answer several questions regarding the Hornets options with Eric Gordon, look at Anthony Davis’s rookie contract, and talk about max deals for CP3 and Deron Williams

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    Not Throwing Away My Chris Paul Jerseys Just Yet

    There is a lot of talk about who the Hornets might add this off-season, but I got my eye on a bigger prize that becomes available next year

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    Learning from the Mistakes of Past Regimes

    The Hornets had a transcendent superstar for six years, and had one playoff series victory to show for it. Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

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    Hornets Beat the Clippers, Make Life Awesome

    The Hornets beat the Clippers in front of a fired up crowd and behind a killer effort by Jason Smith and Chris Kaman. Chris Paul WHO!?!

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    Game On: Clippers @ Hornets and the Return of the Point God

    Chris Paul is back in the Crescent City and I’m still struggling with my feelings toward him. Buzzfest has been cancelled for tonight due to the weather.

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    David West gets Booed Early in Return to New Orleans

    David West was booed early and often in the opening quarter of his first return to New Orleans since signing with the Pacers this offseason. update– I just want to clarify...

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    Putting Stern’s Ownership in Perspective

    David Stern saved basketball in New Orleans, and it’s about damned time everyone acknowledged it.

  • Johnny Five

    Holding out for a Hero

    Jason is looking for a new favorite player.

  • Time, she flies

    Tempus Fugit

    Tempus fugit is a Latin phrase translating as “Time flees,” but is more well-approximated with the familiar “Time flies.” It’s been just over a year since the Hornets were taken over...

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    A Defense Of The Lakers’ Trade From A Business Perspective

    ((This is a guest post from Swarm and Sting’s Jake Madison. Enjoy.)) I’ve been spending a lot of time lately ruminating on the business and financial side of the NBA–particularly about...

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    2011-12 Hornets Season Preview

    Time will tell, but it is easy to make the argument that this will be viewed as the most important off-season in the history of the franchise. Chris Paul is gone,...

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    Meet your virtual Hornets

    For some Hornets fans a trade brings minor changes, like having to buy a new jersey or having to learn a couple of nicknames to shout out on game night. For...

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    Trade made with an eye toward 2013

    After game one of the 2011 NBA Playoffs, Hornets fans were convinced that anything was possible as long as CP3 was on our side. Against a team of giants and an...

  • turducken


    Renewed rebirth talks are springing up all over HornetLand. I have theories on why that is, but I’ve stuffed some soppresata in my mouth in an effort to keep this on...

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    David Stern Is the Owner the Hornets Deserve

    The following is a guest post by Jesse Blanchard from 48MinutesOfHell, part of the ESPN TrueHoop Network. – After years under owner George Shinn, the New Orleans finally has an owner it...

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    In Defense of David Stern

    I woke up today to find myself wondering why in the world I’m angry with David Stern, the owner. Here’s a guy who has done just about everything he can to...

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    With a Hammer

    I have almost no idea what continues to perpetuate the Chris Paul situation, and I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen in the end. The latter is way too...

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    Running in Place

    I’ve already ranted once about the killing of the trade.  I just want to vent a little more of the miasma of anger I’m feeling right now.  Sometimes it’s good to...

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    Dell Customer Support

    For a hundred reasons, I’d be surprised if any of us sees Dell around today or tomorrow if the reports of the NBA killing the proposed trade for Chris Paul to...

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