A December Look at Moore

Published: December 26, 2018

What do you think about Moore so far and going forward?

42 (@42phd): Moore is just fine. He’s a reasonable player on both ends with a reasonable contract. I like Moore on this team, but he’s in that sweet spot for being a trade asset, too. I wrote him out of the future of the team for that reason, though I like him. He gets too much grief for not living up to hyperbole on offense and for playing out-of-position on defense, but he is a solid player.

Patrick (@PhilJFry5): E’Twaun’s hot streak was one of the more fun moments of the season so far. He’s settled back into his normal role that’s he’s always played well.

Ryan (@RyanHebert89): I’ve said the same thing about Moore since last year, he is a good role player when he’s allowed to play within his role. Shooting 3’s and quick rim running floaters are where he’s most comfortable, but he should never be the guy running the fast break or putting the ball on the floor trying for an isolation possession. When he guards guys his size his defense is fine, but anyone larger than him he is suspect to holding and grabbing as they try to pass him by.

Dru (@DruProductions): He’s fine when he plays within his abilities. He’s a streaky shooter & rhythm scorer. What I mean by rhythm scorer is that since he’s doesn’t have the ability to create any of his offense on his own in a 1v1 he needs good screens so he can receive the ball with his defender out of place, guards to drive & create lanes for him to spot up or cut, and other players to get him open and involved. He needs to get all of his baskets in the rhythm of the offense, which is why sometimes early in the year he would have 25pts & you probably didn’t even notice.

Shamit (@FearTheBrown): I think Moore is a replacement level player who is optimized for this roster. He excels at shooting from beyond and has been great in the paint, but I think those plays are not sustainable for a consistent offense. Teams show little fear helping off Moore to clog the paint and good teams wait on the dribble handoffs in a predatory fashion, rendering much of his offensive utility nil. Outside of scoring when plays are being run for him, I think Moore provides little tangible things to the team. He’s a poor positional rebounder, struggles to break defenses off the dribble, and he may be the worst passer on the team. He’s best suited as a backup guard who has admirably extended himself as a starter on this team. But his limitations are prevalent and at this point I would prefer someone who checks some other boxes.

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