A December Look at Randle

What do you think about Randle so far and going forward?

42 (@42phd): I am happy with Randle. He’s clearly got issues on this team, but I feel like he is making progress. We’ll see how much in the end. On both sides of the ball, he just focuses too much on the ball. On offense, he needs to work on moving away from the ball in some cases to hurt help defense and open the paint for drives. On defense, he needs to quit with the over-helping. I am fine with his aggression. The team needs that.

Patrick (@PhilJFry5): I like Randle’s aggression. He gets inside and finishes well, and gets himself to the line. Sometimes it can backfire, but that’s ok. Defensively he at least is trying to do what the team is asking from him. The other thing I’m watching with Randle is where he fits in during crunch time when the offense has gone heavily towards Jrue and AD in the pick and roll.

Ryan (@RyanHebert89): I like Randle’s ability in transition, and attacking the basket. I don’t like Randle double teaming and leaving his man wide open, often unnecessarily leading to a wide open dunk or corner 3. His one on one defense is alright but he has to improve at team defense and communication.

Dru (@DruProductions): I think he’s been okay, but very good when he’s the primary focus of the offense while AD sits. I’ve never seen a player take as many tough shots in the post and then hit them like it’s nothing as Randle does. He’s a man that gets where he wants and the shot he wants & there’s nothing you can do about it. He’s not nearly as effective when he isn’t the primary focus & has to get baskets as a roll man or from garbage work like offensive rebounds and, if he isn’t scoring, there isn’t much I think you can get from him at a high level.

Shamit (@FearTheBrown): Randle is an extremely gifted talent from a scoring perspective. He is near impossible to stop downhill and in transition all while feasting on people in the post. I just do not like his fit with Davis long term and for extended minutes. In the half court, Randle wants the ball in the post and in the post only – to the point where he does largely nothing if you don’t go through him. He eats up possessions from AD and Jrue, doesn’t move the ball, and slows the offense to a crawl. Defensively he leaves much to be desired as well. The ideal Randle is the Randle we saw the first game against Houston.

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