2018 NBA Free Agency, Roundtable 1

Published: June 30, 2018

What thoughts do you want to share about Free Agency so far?

Andrew Smith (@DruProductions): I think if Boogie comes on a 2-year, it’s a fantastic if it’s $60m or below. My biggest worry for Boogie’s contract was always giving too many years. I’m totally fine with paying a little more with nobody else bidding if it means we can assess an injured superstar without giving him so many years. Basically, I just wanted to avoid a situation where the Boogie contract goes past 2021 when AD is up. As with every offseason for the Pels, I’m very interested in what kind of wing help they can find, especially on the defensive end.

Ryan Hebert (@RyanHebert89): Everything is a rumor right now, and every rumor is out there for a purpose. It doesn’t do much good to obsess over it, and it really doesn’t do good to get mad at your team before anything even happened. It will be interesting to see which meetings teams have scheduled with players. Tonight at midnight (EDT) dominoes will start to fall, and we’ll see where the Pelicans end up with the concurrent Rondo and Cousins moves. Cousins market is lowering with every single big man that hits the free agent market, especially with the recent news DeAndre Jordan opted out of his contract and that he and the Dallas Mavericks have made each other their top priorities. The Mavericks controlled the market for bigs almost entirely, and a shorter term deal is starting to make more and more sense for both the Pelicans and Cousins.

Rick Stone (@RickStoneNBA): There is not really much to take on free agency so early on. Until July 1st, everything is just going to be a guestimization. The Pelicans have a few big decisions to make on players like Boogie and Rondo. New Orleans has to hope Boogie gives some leeway on his max deal hopes, but they also have to realize just how important he can be to the chemistry of what happened this past season. It’s a tough decision for the team. Aside from Boogie, Rondo is one that was such a key player in the playoffs. What he demands will be interesting as it compared to what the Pelicans can be flexible with. The biggest Free Agency watch however will be Dell Demps’ quest for the next “Diamond in the Rough Role Player of Free Agency”. New Orleans is going to need to find some cheap players to take on big roles yet again, with Solo’s inflated contract making things difficult money wise.

Jesse Brooks (@jessecbrooks): Campaigning for Paul George of LeBron James to come to New Orleans was fun… and hilarious to an extent. But in all seriousness, I don’t expect any major shakeups for the Pelicans. I think their focus is to maintain the success they have had. With his market shrinking, I think DeMarcus Cousins signs a team-friendly deal. Keeping him here makes Davis happy, which is important. I’m hoping for a serviceable wing either using the MLE or the few trade assets available. I also think somehow Rajon Rondo returns, knowing NOLA is where he kind of got his groove back, consistently… somewhat. Fans also need to remember that Jrue Holiday returning All-Star form lessens the need to bring in top level talent.

42 (@42phd): I look around at the big pieces, and I just don’t see them coming to New Orleans. I also see Cousins back, Rondo back. So, to me, the big deal is Mr. MLE. Who will he be? As Kumar said, Dell will be after that guy at midnight, the other guys with set deals and instructions to come back with a better offer if they get one . . . or they will just take what’s been given and not risk the market dropping their contract. That little routine is settled, but when we will hear how it plays out is not (I’m ignoring the public negotiations and those facilitating it). Dell will be outside someone’s window with boombox at midnight (ET) blaring something. Let’s hope they feel special and that he chose wisely . . . song and target. In your eyes . . .

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