Reviewing Recent Transactions with A. Levy

A. Levy. is back this week after releasing his latest album. He is a local artist (information and a song follows) who is a passionate and informed Pelicans fan, and you can find him performing all over New Orleans, the South, and the world. Be sure to check out his information and music below.

42: Since the last time we talked, Demps traded for Mirotic. Asik went out with Allen and Nelson and their first-round pick, likely in the bottom half of the first round (protected, but it will likely convey). What do you think about the deal and the player now that it’s been a couple games and other moves happened?

A. Levy: It’s a A+ deal in my eyes. I just wish it happened earlier. Maybe it wouldn’t have prevented the Boogie injury and Davis’ fatigue, but I would’ve loved to see all three play together for 10 games. Mirotic is a very smart player that fits in perfectly. He dropped over 20 in his debut with out knowing any plays. That’s saying a lot. We lost our depth which was already a huge issue. Nelson isn’t in his prime anymore but he did provide a scoring punch at times. Liggins is probably an upgrade over Allen at this stage on court. Off court Allen I’m certain brought a lot of leadership to the locker room.

42: What about the deal for Dante? I was a little surprised, but I wasn’t greatly affected one way or the other. He’s weirdly polarizing.

A. Levy: Good riddance. He requested a trade, and while I personally don’t see how his talent level justified that request, it was mutually beneficial. Dante wasn’t very skilled, but he did show up and try hard.

42: What do you think about the smaller deals, like Emeka on a 10-day, Liggins, etc.? What are you looking for in a pickup now?

A. Levy: I hate the Okafor move if it goes longer than a 10-day. It feels like it was just a favor. There had to be somebody . . . anybody that has more upside. I like Liggins, just not as a starter. Keep him coming off the bench as high effort guy. Our next pick up should be a Euro-League or D-League guy that is a great scorer, or a great defender, or a great rebounder, or great at drawing fouls, etc. We need someone that can at least do one thing at a high level. It might be a great ask from a non-NBA guy, but Dell has proven to do great in these situations. Norris Cole, Pondexter, Crawford, and now Miller are all guys we expected little to ZERO from. We just need a spark desperately. When Davis looks very disinterested and it’s terrifying.

42: I’m fine with a vet pickup, like Emeka, but I think they also need to get a guy just like you are talking about and get him on a deal that lasts at least into next season. I have more eyes on this offseason for this pickup than this season, to reinforce your point. Still, with the roster spots open, they can do a little of both rather than take another shot. I guess they have Jackson and Cooke sitting there, too.

Congratulations on the new album, and good luck with the touring.

A. Levy (@alevyworld) is a multi-award-winning hip-hop artist and New Orleans native. His new album Reparations is available as of 2.16.18 featuring the single “Love You” which is currently available on YouTube.

Another A. Levy tune, Light a Candle.

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