Discussing Hill’s Role

Published: January 17, 2018

How to optimize Hill, and will he be in that role?

Michael Pellissier: I think Solomon Hill is best utilized as a small-ball 4. Hill had the 10th worst points per possession mark in the league last season of guys qualified for the MPG leaderboard: he is not the “driver” or “slasher” he is sometimes made out to be. Hill’s offense is mainly straight-line drives off of someone else’s creation or spotting up and he is a very low volume scorer. But what he does give you is excellent defense, and his offense should hurt a lot less at 4. The lineup that I want to see: Jrue, Moore, Darius, Solo, and AD. I think it’d provide a lot of defensive flexibility and would be a monster on offense. But, I expect Hill will be inserted into the starting lineup no later than 2-3 weeks after he comes back and that he will earn the bulk of his minutes with the starters. The Pels’ team defense is terrible and his return should help.

Kumar: I want Solomon playing as many minutes as possible with the crew from last year: Holiday, Moore, Cunningham, Davis. You can take out Cunningham for Miller, it doesn’t matter to me. The point is: I want Solomon in as many small ball situations as possible. I also think that as he gets back in game shape, he should slide over to the starting 3. Our current starting lineup has been awful, and we need some kind of fix. Starting Hill might be that fix. As far as closing games, it looks like Gentry has stumbled upon gold in Holiday, Clark, Moore, Davis, Cousins so it will have to be matchup based and when we need stops. Just keep Solomon’s minutes away from Rondo’s please and thank you.

42: I don’t care how long it takes him to fit in as long as it’s not that long. I think he’s great as a garbageman type of guy, and I hope to see him playing in a position to get rebounds. This is basically playing the 4 or 5 on offense when Davis or Cousins sits, depending on what the featured big is doing in that play, so long as he was helping to slow the best wings on defense. I don’t care if he starts or not, but as a low usage guy, he’s great for playing with featured players . . . start, finish, whatever. He’s worked on his three’s and is a credible threat but far from deadly out there. He’s a flexible player, but he’s also smart and willing, so I expect to see him quite a bit and in those roles. My hope is he also brings some leadership to the locker room.

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