Thoughts on Injuries, Rotation, Roster Moves

Published: November 20, 2017

Some thoughts on the return of injured players.

  • Frank Jackson could return in the coming weeks, with a 3-4 month window reported on September 1. Jackson was unlikely to be slated for meaningful minutes, but being an insurance policy beyond Charles Cooke could help add confidence to a move to acquire a big.
  • Alexis Ajinca was reported to miss 4-6 weeks on October 20. At practice, Gentry was somewhat cagey about giving an update, but if he is not day-to-day, he is close. His return may remove pressure to add a backup big. Of course, he has to return, remain available, and be playable to give the Pelicans breathing room.
  • Solomon Hill may return late in February, per the update August 27. Hill’s potential return will be clearer closer to the trade deadline. Evaluations near then will affect the decision to acquire a wing, unless something falls into their lap.
  • Omer Asik’s condition is such an unknown, it best to just count him out until we know otherwise.

In the next of couple weeks, the team may know more about 2 more backup players. That knowledge and progress reports on Hill should have the positioned to get into any December-15-related action. Ajinca’s return is the one with the most near-term importance, and it is luckily the one that may just happen first.

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