Pelicans Second Round Pick Big Board

Published: June 22, 2017

The New Orleans Pelicans have the 40th pick in tonight’s NBA Draft. While second round picks do not usually amount to very much, the Pelicans have a bit of a higher need to hit on this draft pick. With the team’s salary nearing the cap a cheap second round pick contract goes a long way towards shoring up the roster.

While most people value talent above all else in the draft, the Pelicans should target players who show a discernible skill which should translate into the NBA—whether that is shooting, defense, passing, etc. One strong skill can earn a player a spot in this rotation.

Below I have my personal big board of 10 second round prospects who, realistically, could be around when the Pelicans make their selection at 40. I’ve left off some names you may have heard because I don’t believe they will be available at 40.

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