In the NO Podcast EP. 275: Little Letdowns

Published: February 6, 2017

Michael and I talk about these little letdowns that keep spiraling into Pelicans defeats – and while Michael walks away more positive than expected, I end up a bit more negative. A bit of a change of pace for us, I think! We talk about the importance of the next 6 games to the trade deadline, and if we think Dell and crew are even moving on anything at all.

We also talk about Tyreke’s inability to finish with any finesse at all. Ridiculous.

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  1. CrisKross84

    February 6, 2017 at 6:54 am

    Enjoyed the podcast as always. With the Pelicans not needing to do to much to slip down into the league bottom 3-4. There is no other way to go but tank, but hell who knows with this franchise. 
    With a potential top 3 pick in our bill fold, it would give Demps or the next GM a few options to take a top prospect in the draft or use it to pull off a game changing trade. Either way a top 3 pick is going to be a game changer for this beleaguered franchise.

  2. mvpmb10

    February 7, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    Whats up Fellas.
    Jrues game is just not Herky Jerky enough to get people off balance for them to draw fouls consistenly.
    Bigs i like Thats like Gortat.
    Same team..Old Favorite..Jason Smith!
    Wanted Mo speights this Past offseason..
    Paul Millsap.Mike Muscala? DMO, Channing Fyre(not bulky enough) Brook Lopez. Myles Turner #1 ideal pairing(but of course unatainable) Serge ibaka?
    Phillys-Nerlens Noel(haha) Richuan Holmes
    Havent watch Joffrey enough. Same team..Mitch McGary?
    JaMychal Green? Willie Stein, Dedmon?
    Buddy at the Rim does look Bad. I mean really bad. I like that hes consistenly able to get there thou.without great athletism..His Threat of a 3 pointer is Legit. And hes Purposely Driving to the Basket..Because he knows:to get to the next level..he will have to be able to finish inside..Hes Firguring it out..And i do like that..But its plain to see..
    Hes Bad inside right now..But i believe in his work. I still dont know what people mean by star basketball player? Does that mean allstar?
    Becuase i do think Buddy is a Star Personality.
    He Bring Star power to the organization. He has the type of game/character/personality that Draws people in. He brings excitement. When hes On..its a unique Buddy Heild sensation..You can feel wherever he plays.
    Thats a star to me..If hes able to consistently bring it..Find his strength/comfortable/identity.
    No doubt in my mind he brings Star power.
    Doesnt mean to me.all Nba 1st team or anything.
    But a star in the league..I do see possible.
    (Haha Junk in the trunk)
    Yall described them perfectly
    My Rotation(for your senerio)
    6th man.TJones(only Backup Big i would use)
    Back up PG.Tyreke
    Backup 2.Buddy
    Backup 3.Dante
    9 man rotation i would Go with
    Phoenix game..was the first time in the season..I got to..Its just better to lose at this point..And was pretty much in full tank mode.(and of course they win) and i enjoyed it…So im officially Conflicted this is the part of the season where u do make that decision..Never tank from begining. I only more conflicted because of the SF fits i see in Draft n the Rumors that they are Getting a Big..which which only leaves a Hole a Small forward(in my eyes) and finally a good draft 2 get 1.
    1.Josh Jack
    2.Issac n Jayson Tatum(cant decide yet)
    4.Miles Bridges
    Im 100% with Get anything for Tyreke..(but ive been there for a while)
    3rd option for Jrue Situation.
    Dont trade. Dont offer Max. But try 2 sign long term(im Big keep Jrue in N.O)
    No team can offer more then The Pels..
    But they have been So good/patient/underatanding/supportive of Jrue.
    Try to get him to sign 4 years/5 years(whatever year AD contract is up:Let Them expire together)
    But offer that 4y-90mil/5 year-120. Reasonable contract..Not full Max.
    If he Balks..I still give Full Max..and if he walks from that…(very very highly unlikely)
    You Showed you went 100% to keep..But he didnt want 2 stay in N.O…Nothing we can do about that..Drive home the Message..We want people that want to be here….
    I would Get Shaun Livingston..And Draft Youth.
    Lots of PGs in Draft n SFs
    And Go with that Wave…Forget Any1 that dont wanna Be Here..N.O Against the World.
    And Drive that Message to Keep Fans engaged.
    Get a bunch of Homegrown Prospects..Maybe even more Louisana Born Players.
    Haha..went longer then i wanted to this time..
    But yall always got so much good stuff to talk about..
    Aiight..Peace..Hope every1 is safe..Praying for those lost anything in that tornado..And thankful..that I wasnt to effected at all.

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