Making King Cake with the King Cake Baby

Published: February 2, 2017

I got to attend an event yesterday that was part Mardi-Gras, part NBA All-Star Game, and part Pelicans. Therefore, and this should come as no surprise to anyone, it was the best party 2017 has seen so far.

After entering Haydel’s Bakery (4037 Jefferson Hwy), we bared witness to a mashup of talent that, honestly, rivals the starting lineup of the Eastern Conference NBA All-Stars. With all due respect to Lebron James and Jimmy Butler, the King Cake Baby and Pierre the Pelican run this town and will continue to run this town even when the rest of the NBA All-Stars are in this town. Throw in the Pelicans Dance Team and the joyful staff employed by Haydel’s and my bold stance becomes more believable.

Sure, other host cities can turn a notable dish into an “NBA All-Star dish” and call it a day but events like this are what makes New Orleans New Orleans. An extremely notable bakery putting in the extra efforts to make our extremely notable treat more memorable during the most important time of the year for our city and (arguably) the league? New Orleans wins. King Cake Baby and Pierre the Pelican putting on gloves and making special edition King Cake wins. It’s over. Blowout victory for New Orleans, Haydel’s, the Pelicans, and future debates about how often the All-Star Game should be held in the Big Easy.

[Haydel’s is also running a contest for All-Star Weekend tickets! More info can be found here]

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