Trend Watching: Langston Galloway’s 3-point Shooting

Langston Galloway has been on fire from deep lately. After starting his Pelicans career 0-9 from deep in his first 4 games, Galloway is averaging 40.3% from three on 4.5 attempts per game -both career high rates. What has catalyzed this recent hot streak? Recent numbers suggest that Galloway transitioning to a more off the ball role with the return of Jrue Holiday has significantly increased the quality of looks he is getting.


Over the last 4 games, Galloway has not only almost doubled the amount of catch and shoot threes he shoots per game (2.8 to 5.0), but also their relevant frequency. Just over 60% of all his 3 point attempts in these past 4 games have been catch and shoot looks in comparison to the 31.1% he saw over the first 12 games. Likewise, 100% of this 3 point makes have been assisted over the last 4 games, compared to the 88.8% over the first 12. He is having to create less for himself and is benefiting playing off a true ball handler like Jrue.  Galloway has shot a blistering 55% on 20 catch and shoot attempts from deep over the last 4 games and is averaging 49% on the season. His catch and shoot 3P% put’s him at 3rd in the league for guys who are attempting at least 3 catch and shoot threes per game, behind only JJ Redick and Channing Frye. It’s unclear how long he can keep this up, but it is a promising trend to watch as Tyreke returns or if Frazier is moved to the bench.

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