With Free Agency Looming Next Summer, Jrue Holiday Switches Agents

Published: September 2, 2016

During a point in the off-season when there is very limited news, a bit of interesting information came out yesterday about starting Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday. According to Liz Mullen of Sports Business Daily, Jrue is switching agents and will now be represented by Jason Glushon, the same agent who represents his brother, Justin. Mullen also noted that Glushon previously worked with Wasserman, deciding recently to break off and open his own firm. This tidbit is worth noting because Holiday’s prior agent, Thad Foucher, works for Wasserman and represents two other current Pelicans players – Terrence Jones and Anthony Davis.

“So wait a second – you’re telling me that the Pelicans’ second best player just parted ways with the agent who represents their best player? What does it mean?!”

The overwhelmingly likely answer is – nothing. Players sharing agents can occasionally be a marginally useful recruiting tool, but for two players who already have an established relationship like Jrue and AD, there is no reason that using the same agent or splitting off with different agents would make much of a difference. Both Holiday brothers opting to employ the same agent shouldn’t surprise anyone. Another possible explanation is that switching agents could be a way to let the Pelicans (as well as other teams) know that he isn’t afraid of change (though it does not suggest that he wants change). What type of maneuver should do is add to his leverage when it comes time to negotiate his new deal.

Long story short – this change should have almost no impact on Jrue’s decision whether or not to return to the Pelicans next summer. Carry on with your days, people, as this type of activity is pretty standard for a player set to become an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career.



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