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Published: August 31, 2016

Look, we don’t pretend to be the only source for Pelicans content. By my count there’s hundreds of blogs, newspapers, podcasts, zines, radio shows, television shows, magazines, and message boards and it’s impossible to consume all of it. In fact, the only type of person who has a shot at attempting this is someone who aims to create a post intended to serve as a roundup of the killer content you may have missed. That someone is me, that roundup is this. The content we’re covering today? Well if you didn’t know, the team’s official site has been on fire lately. Here’s what you may have missed.

Langston Galloway With the Crossover
Hot damn, there’s little more in the sports world that I love more than a professional player reppin’ for the other pro team in town. In this case, it’s incoming Pelican Langston Galloway taking in a Saints game (season incoming) and running the Snapchat for the Pels. I know that most people are better at Snapchat than Draymond Green but Langston Galloway is definitely better at Snapchat than Draymond Green.


from Pelicans.com


Jrue Holiday With The Offseason Focus
Another passion of mine? Stories of teammates hanging out in the offseason, developing chemistry and becoming better buds. Read the story to find out what the team has been doing and to catch a possible addition to Jrue’s in-game wardrobe. Note: If Holiday follows through with the new look, I’m coming with him.

from Pelicans.com

from Pelicans.com

The Pelicans Dance Team with the New Additions
Dance teams have off-season additions too, y’all. The (still-unnamed) Pelicans dance team has some new faces to go along with the veteran savviness of Holly and Rachel and the video gives us a quick intro to the refreshed squad. Most of the girls are from the New Orleans area (plus one from New Jersey) and okay I’m only writing this paragraph because can we get a name for the dance team? I’ve been screaming Fly Girls for so long and honestly my throat is killing me. The Fly Girls would be the best named dance team in the league.

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