What’s the Potential for the Pelicans in the 2nd Round

The NBA Draft is on Thursday and here at Bourbon Street Shots we’ve already covered the 6th pick in depth. So, what about those other draft picks? The two in the 2nd round? 39th and 40th overall. There’s a lot going on there. Let’s break it down some.

Usually the first ten picks of the 2nd round are an extension of the late first. Historically, they tend to pan out similarly on a statistical level. Foreign players are also popular at the top of the second round. Often they are first round talent but due to a buyout and the first round wage scale go at the top of the second. This is mainly because 2nd round picks can actually be paid more than first rounders, and since the NBA limits the amount a team can contribute to a foreign player’s buyout, you’ll see them overpay to get the player over to the NBA.

Now, this draft is considered low on high end talent, but is deeper than past drafts. There isn’t much of a difference in talent between picks 25 and 35, let’s say. This helps raise the value of the two Pelicans 2nd round picks. A player or two may be in a team’s top 30, but available at 39. This means both of the Pelicans picks are ripe with trade opportunity.

Would the Pelicans trade the 39th and 40th picks in the 2016 draft? Well, it depends. No short answer for this question. Trading the 2nd rounders for a veteran, or one draft pick, may or may not save the Pelicans money. What it will save is a roster spot without letting a drafted player potentially go to waste.

So, trades. As we get later towards the second round a team may like the available players and make an offer for the Pelicans, letting their late first go in exchange for the Pelicans two picks. Honestly, this is a huge gamble for the other team and not likely to happen. The other team risks the guys they like getting selected before the 39th selection.

A more likely scenario is a team sees two players they like still on the board, and they offer up the player they selected in the first round in exchange for those two picks. A 1 for 2 player swap.

Another possible situation would be where a team offers a future asset for those two picks. But with heat on Demps it is unlikely that the Pelicans would go that route. They need players who can contribute next season. Which also kind of rules out the possibility of the Euro draft and stash.

Now, with all that said, assuming the Pelicans keep the two picks, who might be good targets?

Isaia Cordinier, SG, France

A very good athlete with the ability to play in transition and spot up from deep.

Malcolm Brogdon, SG, Virginia

Able to play both guard positions with a 6’11” wingspan. His jump shot will take work, but his basketball IQ means he can get playing time early on.

Petr Cornelie, PF, France

A slender 6’11” with a 7’1” wingspan and range make the international prospect a potential replacement for Ryan Anderson. He’s a strong rebounder as well.

Isaiah Cousins, Guard, Oklahoma

A versatile guard who can add depth off the bench. Struggles with his shot selection but is a capable three point shooter.

This draft is a but murky outside the top two (look how many times mock drafts have been revised) and will certainly be unpredictable after the first twenty picks or so. Anything could be on the table for the Pelicans. So, make sure you come to Tracey’s on Magazine Street for our watch party!

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  1. Malcolm Brogdon please.  There is really no weakness to his game except for lack of “upside.”
    I’d also add Ben Bentil (poor man’s Carl Landry) and Kay Felder to my short wish list.

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