Spurs Contemplate Resting Players While Pelicans Lay Players to Rest

Published: March 30, 2016

I must admit the image above isn’t 100% accurate, the Pelicans signed James Ennis to a 10-day today. The 6′ 7″ 2013 second round pick has played a couple minutes for Miami and Memphis this year, and most recently the Iowa Energy of the D-League.

Tonight could mark his 11th appearance of the season as the Pelicans take on the San Antonio Spurs in San Antonio, where they are a jaw dropping 37-0 this season. Tonight truly will be a battle of minutes, and in this sense, it is one-sided. The Pelicans continue to add bodies to fill the ever increasing availability of minutes while the Spurs continue to strategically distribute minutes with the goal of keeping everyone healthy and in rhythm for another title run to build upon their ever improving resume. Will the Pelicans’ few hold out against the many?

It is hard to believe they will, but the Pelicans didn’t drop a tank into the battle field guns blazing, the team doesn’t just roll over from the first whistle. They’ve actually gone 3 and 4 in their last 7, with wins against the Kings, Clippers, and the Knicks. These games are important, the Pelicans still sit 6th from the bottom but both the Knicks and the Kings are within 2 games.

The Pels’ schedule is about to get much easier as well. After tonight, New Orleans faces 1 playoff team, 1 team at .500 (Chicago), and Denver, Brooklyn, Philly, the Lakers, Phoenix, and Minnesota. That’s 8 extremely if not easily winnable games, for any except the current available roster. If the team had been healthy and pushing for the playoffs, the Pels would have been propped up as one of the hottest teams heading to the post-season.

That’s just the way she goes sometimes, and the team hasn’t rolled over and died. Alvin Gentry has held onto his sense of humor. After Monday’s win over the Kings in which both Holiday and Gee sustained season ending injuries

“I am gonna send out an all-points bulletin to anybody in the French Quarter or anywhere else. We need a voodoo doctor or something here. We’ve got to find the bones under this place. Be gotta do something. Because it is becoming comical.”

And he was right, it continued to be comical, as the Head Coach dropped another great line later on:

“Every guy in the D-League right now is sitting by his phone going, ‘Ohhhh-K. This might be my chance.”

The hits just kept on coming, actually. All time great press conference.

“We had more people in our [team] picture than the Saints did.”

What’s funny is now they have to add James Ennis to that picture.

It might seem as if there is nothing left this season for the Pelicans, but that would be wrong, there are still 8 games left for them, and tonight’s tips off at 7:30 CT. Tune in and Flock Up!

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