Game On: New Orleans Pelicans @ Houston Rockets

Hey everyone! Guess what day it is?!

It’s Wednesday. Which means the New Orleans Pelicans are traveling to take on the Houston Rockets.

The Rockets, currently in the 8th seed at 29-31, are five games ahead of the Pelicans in the standings. If the Pelicans want to make the playoffs over these last 24 games they have to put more consistency on the court. The good news is that Anthony Davis will be back tonight after sitting out the Minnesota loss, and Eric Gordon will be playing in his second game since returning from injury.

Now, if you’re all in favor of tanking then you’re probably disappointed in that news. But maybe you’ll be happy that the Pelicans are 1-2 against the Rockets this season. But I’m going to upset you some more when I tell you this: Tonight is a very winnable game for New Orleans.

The Rockets are a mess, and in their win on December 26th the Pelicans pretty much shut Dwight Howard who scored 7 points. They forced James Harden into an 8-21 shooting night. Tonight if they Pelicans can simply limit those two and force the ball into Houston’s role players’ hand they should win. You want Josh Smith and Corey Brewer taking shots over the Rockets’ big two. Do that and the Pelicans can win.

And if you want the Pelicans to lose? Well, it’s the Pelicans; there is still a very good chance of that happening.

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